How To Travel With Kids Summer 2023 - Top Tips For Parents

With the school summer holidays well and truly upon us, here are some top tips for making travelling with children a breeze!


Taking your little ones on holiday is all about making special memories and having fun, so don't get bogged down in the small stresses that come along with travelling with children. Discover these handy tips for a peaceful travel experience.


Invest in window stickers


These are a fun and tactile way to keep kids busy if they're sitting next to the window and won't leave any mess behind.


Make mobile phone number bracelets


This is a cute and useful way to make sure your children are armed with your contact number when out and about. Make a beaded bracelet using number beads to read out your contact number in case your kids get lost. 


Pack chewy sweeties


Ear pressure can be really painful for children! Pack some yummy bears or fruit chews for kids who are too young to chew gum to help relieve the pressure and for babies let them sip on milk.


Buy some fun luggage tags


Let the kids pick out luggage tags themselves and then waiting for the baggage carousel is a fun game of trying to spot their coloured tags!

Feeling inspired? Chat with your Personal Travel Consultant to plan your next family holiday and put these travel tips into practice!
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